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A Startup CEO’s Letter of Gratitude

As a startup CEO it is in your DNA to lead. As a leader few things are more important than expressing gratitude to those that fight in the trenches with you every day. After many years of creating companies and making every mistake known to man I have...

Team Building
Selecting a Founding Team

Carrying over from one of my last posts, Tips for Startup CEO’s, I’d like to expand on perhaps the most important responsibility of a startup CEO: building a killer founding team. A founder typically recruits a team that can take his/her initial vision and mold it into...

Startup CEO
Lessons for a Startup CEO

Being a startup CEO isn’t easy. As the old saying goes, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Despite how it sounds, it’s not a glamorous position and in fact most of the time it is the exact opposite. Rather than travelling by private...