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when your startup is struggling
What To Do When Your Startup is Struggling

One of the hardest things any entrepreneur (including myself) has to be able to do is admit when they are struggling. Nothing can be more embarrassing and self-defeating than saying, “this isn't working.” However, without the ability to do so your chances of failure increase...

Chicago Startup Events: November

When thinking about Chicago, you probably don't think of startups right away, but the windy city's entrepreneurial spirit is rising. Groupon, Careerbuilder, and Orbitz all hold their headquarters here, and it seems as if many more are to come.  For further notes on the rise of Chicago's startup...

The Role of a Startup CEO: Plead, Lead and Breed

Believe it or not, a small percentage of the population chooses to work 90 hours a week while earning less than the person serving them coffee and receiving a fraction of the thank yous along the way. Such is the glorious life of a startup...